TAGlocal FAQ's

Q: Is there a cost to attend TAGlocal?

A: Yes. The price to attend is $250 per person and includes refreshments, lunch, and drink tickets.  Registration is non-refundable, but is transferable.

Q: Who is eligible to attend TAGlocal events?

A: Foundation and nonprofit staff who are current TAG members are invited to attend. Only Associate Organization members (Partners / Providers / Consultants) who are sponsoring the events are able to attend TAGlocals.

However, the Open Reception is free and open to all Foundation, Nonprofit, and Partner/Provider staff regardless of TAG membership status.

Q: Will there be a registration limit for each event?

A: Yes. Attendance will be capped as follows:

With this in mind, event attendance will be limited to three (3) staff per member organization, per location.

Q: Who should attend from my organization?

A: Technology leaders, operations staff, and programmatic staff interested in AI are encouraged to attend.

Q: When is TAG2025?

A: Our next global conference will be hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from November 10-12, 2025.